Welcome to Nepal Birth Place of GAUTAM BUDDHA, a beautiful country with full bio-diversity. Richness in natural, cultural and traditional and many are the identity of our country Nepal. The panoramic view of mountain has succeeded to attract many visitors around the glove. Nepal is also called the Himalayan Country. There are dozens of mountains which are listed as the world highest mountains including the World Highest Peak Mt. Everest. Foremost the character and hospitality shown by Nepalese are the heart touching for every visitor to Nepal. Government and people of Nepal are trying their best to make each and every year as a “Tourism Year”. For this Nepal Government as planning’s and policies made. For the convenience of the visitors in Nepal facilities has been upgraded. So we Nepali People would like to warmly welcome you for the memorable experience in our country. Let your destination be our country and your choice always be right. We all will help you to know our country deeply.  Let’s make “Nepal Tourism Year A success” for this we need your support. We need your activities in our country. You all will love your days in our country and we assure that you’ll never forget the experience in our beautiful country.

Occupying the area of 147,181sq kilometer, and border shared with two economic giant and gigantic countries Republic of China and India but still Nepal manages to make its unique identity among the tourist worldwide. Nepal is a small and developing countries but rich in natural, cultural and traditional values. The unique geographical location makes the country more magnificent and popular. Nepal is second richest country in water resources after Brazil.  Nepal is also known as Himalayan Country more suitable for the adventure seekers and mountaineers for Nepal expeditions.

                        Tours in Nepal offers various tourism activities like Nepal expeditions, mountaineering,  Nepal peak climbing, trekking, treks, rafting much more. Being the Himalayan country Nepal has lot more to offer for nature lovers and adventure seekers. The uniqueness of Nepal is what it makes different from other countries. Sight seen, mountain views, awesome scenery, the breath taking location, religion and traditions are the major tourism attraction in Nepal. Trekkers, mountaineers, adventure seekers across the world come to Nepal in order to enjoy the view and capture the life time experience. Nepal as a whole is taken as adventure destination for trekker with magnificent trekking trails or routes, mountaineering destination and much importantly for hospitality and culture.

Visit Nepal – Ramdung Expeditions P. Ltd (Nepal Trekking and Tours agency)


About nepalexpeditions

Ramdung Expeditions P. Ltd is Nepal based trekking and tours agency operating in Nepal. We are among the leading and experienced tours and trekking agency available around. We organize Nepal Trekking, Nepal Tours, Nepal Peaks Climbing, Nepal Expeditions, Tibet Expeditions, Sikkim Tours, Bhutan Tours and many more adventure activities in Nepal.
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